We are Nora & Kylen, the Pittsburgh ladies who bring you all the Stitch Party fun! We have known each other since we were in the womb, literally (our parents are bffs), and have been dancing and eating ice cream together ever since! The yarn dyeing part came much later.

We didn't grow up in the same place (Nora grew up in Pittsburgh and Kylen in Westfield, NY) but that didn't stop us from being the most epic best friends ever. Many summers were spent brainstorming our future best friend business plans and knitting/sewing/watching chick flicks into all hours of the night. We flip flopped states for college but 4 years later we decided we needed to be together, so here we are in Pittsburgh, PA. The land of the stillers and the home of the jagoffs.

We spend our days teaching makers how to make, dyeing yarn, dancing, eating, and karaoke-ing.

We hope you love our stuff as much as love making it for you!


Our Mission

We love being part of a local handmade community, and hope you will consider joining us!

Our goal is to create beautiful hand-dyed yarns that you will love, and that will inspire you to make!

Our Materials

All our yarns are sourced from mills in the US & UK. We make sure that the yarns we're getting are produced on cruelty-free farms.

We use Greener Shades acid dyes, which are heavy-metal free!

All of our labels and marketing materials are printed locally!