A Tale of Too Many Side-Hustles

A Tale of Too Many Side-Hustles


Hello Stitch Party Animals! Since this is the first of (many) blog posts, I wanted to take the time to tell all of our loyal followers (right now I'm the only one) the story of how Stitch Party came to be. Our story starts a little over 24 years ago...


Once upon a time there lived two cool guys. These guys were pretty close. They grew up together, and shared lots of memories of childhood. They went off to college, and law school... where somewhere along the line they met two dope ladies. These ladies only met each other through the cool guys, but quickly they all became friends.

A little ways down the line, the cool guys are married to the dope ladies, and both dope ladies were expecting babies. This is where the story gets interesting...

In November, 1992, Nora and Kylen were born. Their parents, the dope ladies and cool guys, knew that the girls were destined for greatness. Even though they lived in different states, Nora in Pittsburgh, PA, and Kylen in Westfield, NY, their friendship grew stronger with every visit. They sent each other letters and packages filled with bracelets and nutrigrain bars, and eventually corresponded via email about boys, grades, siblings... and most importantly, CRAFTS.

Nora and Kylen were crafty queens since they were old enough to say "Where are the crayons?" Not only were they crafty, but they were always interested in making money off of their creations. You could say that Stitch Party was unofficially founded in 2002... The girls spent entire summers making friendship bracelets, sewing purses, and plotting ways to get rich quick.

Needless to say, they did not get rich quick. But, after college they finally figured it was time to kick the long distance BFF habit, and they moved into a colorful apartment in Pittsburgh. Their hobbies of knitting, sewing, and embroidery quickly consumed their adult lives as Kylen began working as the manager of a local yarn store, and Nora as a teaching artist with kids across the city. As they moved together from apartment to apartment, they packed and unpacked boxes labeled "knitting shit" and "fabric scraps". One afternoon, sitting in their Millvale, PA apartment once again brainstorming side-hustles, they landed on Stitch Party as the name for their co-owned business.

*breaking third person... that was exhausting*

One year later, Stitch Party is a real thing. We are officially a small business in the eyes of the State of Pennsylvania, we have over 100 Instagram followers (LOL), and we are quickly building our product base. Kylen and I spend our free time having "business meetings" over coffee or wine, dyeing yarn in our apartment kitchen, and washing it in the tiny laundry room. Like many people our age, we have more side-hustles than time. Evenings are spent writing blog posts or designing new knitting patterns... mornings are spent reluctantly working out and squeezing in a bit of freelance work. We no longer need to send each other presents because I get to see Kylen's beautiful face every day!

Since we are dyeing our yarn and also working one thousand other small/full-time jobs, our work days aren't always consistent. We are going to try and keep our blog posts and social media updates as current as possible, filled with funny anecdotes about our weird lives, stories about name inspiration, and pictures of what we're working on/inspired by. I hope that you find this blog enjoyable, because I was really cracking myself up while writing it. I know the dope ladies and cool guys will think it's pretty great, but they have to, because they're our parents.

Anyway. Stay tuned for more ramblings! Love yinz!

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