2019 Resolutions

2019 Resolutions

Well here we are! Happy 2019 to our lovely maker friends!!!

I don’t know about you guys, but we are V excited that it’s a new year. The last one was tough. We know that a new year doesn’t officially mean a new you, but we are excited to take everything we learned last year and put it to good use.

Today we want to talk a little bit about resolutions. I know, I know, people are generally not great at keeping resolutions for more than like a month into the year. Which is fine! Goal setting should probably happen throughout the year anyway. BUT it’s more exciting to have a fresh start. We have set some resolutions this year, and we are pumped to tell you about them. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Alright, starting with Ky:

  1. Wear 1 handmade thing each day: I am SO very excited about this one. Because you know, we all do this thing in which we spend tons of time making something and then it just sits in the back of our closet. And to be honest, I’ve been feeling guilty about it. So here I am, taking action. I am going to wear at least 1 handmade thing each day, then I will post on my personal instagram story every morning, outlining what I’m wearing. I will also post weekly to the Stitch Party instagram story as a sort of “week in review,” where I’ll also add more details about the yarn/fabric/patterns, etc. I’m hoping to also post that weekly round-up here on the blog!

  2. Floss every night: Ok so this is a thing that I’ve been told to do every time I go to the dentist. So like, the dentist defffffinitely knows when you’re lying about flossing so I never do that. But I do feel guilty because it’s such a small thing that only takes 1 minute. So far I’ve flossed 5 nights in a row and intend to keep that up! It was such a dramatic thing in my mind but it’s actually not bad at all…

  3. Finish every project that I start in 2019: No, I did not say “every project that I have previously started.” I said “that I START IN 2019,” which is much more manageable. Yes, there will come a time when I dig through old projects. That is for another day, my friends! I haven’t actually started any projects yet because I’m still working through a sweater that I started a few weeks ago. But when I do start a project, I’m going to try to NOT do that thing I typically do, which is finish 75% of it - get distracted by something shiny & new - and shove it in a drawer. I really don’t have the space for any more projects in my drawers, alas why I have this resolution.

  4. Make more friends: My social life has changed pretty drastically in the last few months and so I’m on the market for some new pals! I’ve realized it’s kind of hard to make friends as an adult, it’s no longer just being the same age that sparks a friendship like when we were kids. I’m thinking about maybe attending some meetups or something…still need to do research on this one.

  5. Do more things alone: I’m feeling like such an independent lady lately! Especially now that I live alone in a 1BR apartment. But I don’t do a lot of things alone unless they’re errands. I’d like to go to coffee shops to hang, museums, the movie theater, (going to bars alone might be pushing it, but we’ll see) etc alone. I’m one of my own best friends so I need to be more ok with being out in public alone!

  6. Make a new Spotify playlist each month: I love love love music. And each day at work, I listen to at least 4 hours of music while I’m working at my desk. So a few months ago I realized I was listening to the same music over and over again, and needed some new stuff in my life! So I decided to make a monthly playlist that contains ONLY music I discover during that month. No old stuff whatsoever. On the last day of that month, I will “release “ it (aka post about it on instagram & the blog and then you all can listen! I released December’s last Monday and I’m very excited about January’s! Most of the music featured so far is indie/alternative/jazz/rap/hip hop.

  7. Save money: I have this resolution every year, I feel like most people do. But this is especially important this year because I have a new shiny job! Last year I was unemployed for many months which was very straining on my finances as well as other things. But now I am going to take real steps toward saving some money for my future (and fun things like yarn and travel, duh). I am planning to use the You Need a Budget (YNAB) app to help me out with this goal.

  8. Open a Roth IRA: This kind of goes along with the above resolution, but literally this just means going to the bank & setting up the account so I can start contributing to it. I’m lazy, what can I say?

And now for Nora’s:

  1. Buy more second hand clothing: thrifting clothes is good for your wallet, for the environment, AND your style! I want more unique features in my wardrobe, and every time I get the itch to go shopping, I’m gonna head to a thrift shop.

  2. Make more clothing: I’ll tell you something. I am a loose knitter, and I am also a SLOW knitter. I don’t finish knitting projects quickly and I get frustrated when they’re aren’t done because I can’t wear them, and then I put them in a bag in a bag in a bag and I forget about them. (ugh.) Anyway. I want to MAKE more clothes… knit some, sew some, finish some old projects, and have a more interesting wardrobe.

  3. Listen to more full albums: Kind of self-explanatory. Listen to music in albums!

  4. Have more Ky time: Spend more time with my fave, Ky! Duh!

  5. Save money: For fabric, and trips, and buying a house eventually.

  6. Move my body: I joined the YMCA! Woohoo! I’m going to take some Zumba classes, listen to Ke$ha on the elliptical, and get into some water aerobics. Just gotta move my body, yo.

  7. Start cutting out cheese again: I went vegan for about 6 months in 2018, and I would like to cook mostly vegan at home, and stop eating cheese because it makes me feel crappy, and I don’t have time to feel crappy in 2019.

This was a long post. But. A year is a long time.
We are pretty excited to start 2019 off right.

Handmade 2019 Week in Review: January 1st-7th

Handmade 2019 Week in Review: January 1st-7th

New bases!!!

New bases!!!